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Legacy of Discord Hack

So, you’ve watched all these YouTube videos on Legacy of Discord Hack to get unlimited diamonds and gold but ended up wasting hours of your time. Well there’s no need to look any further because we have simplified the LOD Cheat for beginners to enjoy unlimited resources.

Are you a RPG game addict? So you must know that one of the best RPG games is Legacy of Discord-Furious Wings.

The current version of the game is 2.2.2 which was released on 27th November 2018. Unfortunately all of the old hacks and cheats no longer work because of the updates and patches.

But we had several requests from gamers around the world to try and develop an unlimited diamonds generator. I personally sat for days testing the GTarcade system to make a Legacy of Discord Hack tool to generate Diamonds and Gold in one click.

Good news! I managed to find 2 bugs, which allowed me to develop a cheat for unlimited Diamonds and Gold.

Now I don’t want to bore you on how the 2 bugs allowed me to create the Legacy of Discord Hack because it’s quite complicated.

All you need to know is the Legacy of Discord Hack tool is 100% safe. Our tool is hosted on a high anonymity server with Socks5 masking that will relocate your virtual location every 5 seconds.

We guarantee your account will never get banned by GTarcade. Our hack tool also has a simple interface so you will easily understand how to run the Legacy of Discord Hack.

The latest version of our tool is called Legacy of Discord Hack but people also call it a number of other names:

Legacy of Discord Mod APK
Legacy of Discord Hack APK
Legacy of Discord Hack 2018
Legacy of Discord Code

How to use our hack tool:

The Legacy of Discord Cheat is so simple to use and you do not need to download a mod apk, which sometimes have viruses. Everything is done online by entering your username/email and then you can select the amount of diamonds and gold you want!

  1. Click on ACCESS HACK TOOL to begin
  2. Enter username/email
  3. Select platform
  4. Select number of Diamonds
  5. Select amount of Gold
  6. Click Generate
  7. Proceed to last step

Why Use Our Legacy of Discord Hack Tool

  • It’s an online tool, no download needed
  • All hacking process can be done with phone or PC because we are doing server-side hack
  • Anti-Ban protection, we hosted the tool on a anonymous server
  • Easy to use, no coding experience needed
  • Friendly user-interface, easy to understand

Legacy of Discord-Furious Wings

Many people have said that Legacy of Discord is the next generation of action RPG games. We could feel the experience on intense real-time combat as we hack, slash and blast our enemy through a vast fantasy world.

We can also party with friends to clash against rivals in the arena and large-scale player vs player battlegrounds and also to raid treacherous Dungeons. Upgrade and transform our self from a fledging warrior to an unstoppable god of war!

Gold, Obsidian and Diamond are important, these 3 things are the currency of Legacy of Discord. We need these 3 resources to upgrade our character to become a God of War.

Collecting the resources manually takes time, so we have given you a easy way of getting Gold and Diamonds with zero effort. Remember, our tool is online and no mod apk download is needed. If you find other websites that ask you to download a Legacy of Discord Hack tool then don’t do it, just use our online generator.

Review of Legacy of Discord-Furios Wings

Experience intense real-time combat as you hack, slash, and blast your way through a vast fantasy world! Party with friends to raid treacherous Dungeons or clash against rivals in the Arena and large-scale PvP Battlegrounds. Upgrade and transform yourself from a fledging warrior to an unstoppable God of War!

Play the Role of an Ancient God – Pantheons of Aurora

A new dimension of game play that enables players to assume the role of one of the ancient Greek gods. Collect different gods and hear their stories. Let the Gods Boost Your Combat Power

Guild Clash is a cross-server battle of 4 guilds each bringing 20 people. A clash of this magnitude is bound to create a beautiful chaos that will reverberate throughout the realm. Honor through battles, legend through unity.

New Flying Edition featuring Aerial Battles!
I Believe I Can FLY! All new SkyWings system lets you take your battles to the air! Experience new dungeons and face epic flying bosses as you conquer the skies!


-Brilliant 3D graphics and special effects puts you in the in the middle of the battle
-Highly detailed characters and fluid animations keep the combat fast and furious


-Real-time CO-OP and PVP combat means the action never stops
-Epic Boss encounters test your skills and wits to the fullest
-Defend the honor of your Guild in glorious Guild Wars


-Hundreds of Items and Equipment provides unrivaled character customization
-Unlock legendary Wrathwings and watch them transform in battle to grant devastating power
-Tame Mythical Beasts as pets and have them aid you in battle


Special game engine built from the ground up to maximize performance on mobile
Unleash devastating skills and chain massive combos with optimized Touch controls

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Castle Clash Hack – UNLIMITED GEMS {Android & iOS} Mon, 03 Sep 2018 12:57:05 +0000 Castle Clash Hack – Unlimited Gems Castle Clash Hack is the latest cheat our team have managed to get their hands on! Using our Castle Clash cheat you can add unlimited Gold and Gems to your Castle Clash Android or iOS game! Seriously guys, it’s that simple. And the best thing is it’s FREE! Now some may […]

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Castle Clash Hack – Unlimited Gems

Castle Clash Hack is the latest cheat our team have managed to get their hands on! Using our Castle Clash cheat you can add unlimited Gold and Gems to your Castle Clash Android or iOS game!

Seriously guys, it’s that simple. And the best thing is it’s FREE!

Now some may say that this is cheating, well it is BUT these Android and iOS games are limited unless you spend hundreds of dollars.

I mean what happened to good old fashioned gaming, where you bought a game and simply played it. Nowadays you have all these in-app purchases for Android games, where you end up spending hundred of dollars.

But with this Castle Clash cheat engine you can save a tonne of money.

The latest version of this gems generator is called Castle Clash Hack but people also call it a number of other names:

  • Castle Clash Mod Apk
  • Castle Clash Hack Apk
  • Castle Clash Gems Generator
  • Castle Clash Hack Download
  • Castle Clash Cheats
Castle Clash Cheats

The Castle Clash Tool is so easy to use and you do NOT need to download a mod apk, root your phone or jailbreak your iPhone.

All you have to do to get free gems is click on Access Tool and enter your details.

  1. Click on ACCESS HACK TOOL to begin
  2. Select platform android/iOS
  3. Enter username/email
  4. Select number of gems
  5. Proceed to last stage

Our Hack Tool is simple and easy to use because it has a user friendly interface! Just connect and hack! You don’t have to worry, you can’t be banned!

We tested the hack for several days on different devices and they’re still up and running!

Our programmers are checking and updating the hack daily so that you can be sure that you have the latest and working version of it!

Castle Clash Review

Build & battle your way to glory in Castle Clash! The heat is on in the most addictive combat strategy game ever!

Hire legions of powerful Heroes in your quest to become the world’s greatest Warlord. In a brilliant mix of fast-paced strategy and combat, Castle Clash is a game of epic proportions!

Create an army loaded with Elves, Dwarves, Beasts, Robots, and more. Your empire is as strong as your creativity!

Castle Clash Game Features:

Build and upgrade your impenetrable fortress!
Simple & easy touch-based controls!
Create the ultimate army from a dozen wild troops!
Fast-paced, thrilling, and realistic battles!
Pit your Heroes against other Players in the Arena!
Tap and swipe to cast powerful spells!
Glorious artwork lights up the screen!
Free-to-play fantasy strategy.

Castle Clash Hack

The Castle Clash Hack was developed by our in house team of experienced gamer’s and software developers. The Castle Clash Hack can only give you unlimited Gold and Gems but not Mana. Any hacks which claim to provide unlimited Mana are actually fake generators. The only Castle Clash Hack which is really possible is unlimited Gems and Gold.

The reason is that those who developed Castle Clash have created a patch, which disallows any hacking of Mana. But the Gold and Gems have still not been patched so the Castle Clash Hack is still possible.

In order for the Hack to be successful it is really important that the correct information is entered, especially the username. Sometimes the Castle Clash Hack generator suspects that bots are trying to cheat the server hence requires further checks. The full process must be thoroughly followed in order for the Castle Clash Hack to be successful.

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Call of Mini Infinity HACK Sat, 01 Sep 2018 12:43:44 +0000 Call of Mini Infinity Hack Now if you’ve been searching google for ‘Call of Mini Infinity Hack’, then this post is just what you’ve been looking for! Hey Gold Flyers, it’s your boy Tom Ross with yet another Android/iOS Game Hack. So me and my fellow computer geeks were playing around with Call of Mini […]

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Call of Mini Infinity Hack

Now if you’ve been searching google for ‘Call of Mini Infinity Hack’, then this post is just what you’ve been looking for!

Hey Gold Flyers, it’s your boy Tom Ross with yet another Android/iOS Game Hack.

So me and my fellow computer geeks were playing around with Call of Mini Inifinity looking for a way to cheat. Then we came across this epic cheat engine which allows you to get unlimited crystals for FREE.

The latest version of this crystal generator is called Call of Mini Infinity Hack 2018 but people also call it a number of other names:

  • Call of Mini Infinity Mod APK
  • Call of Mini Infinity Hack iOS
  • Call of Mini Infinity APK
  • Call of Mini Infinity Glitch

However, all the previous cheats for Call of Mini Infinity have been patched and are no longer working. But the latest glitch is now working in 2018.

And the best thing is that it’s so simple to use!

How To Use COM Infinity Hack

The Mini Infinity cheat is so simple to use and you do not need to download a mod apk. Everything is done online by entering your username/email and then you can select the amount of crystals you want!

  1. Click on ACCESS HACK TOOL to begin
  2. Enter username/email
  3. Select region
  4. Select number of crystals
  5. Click Generate Crystals
  6. Proceed to last step

With our Call of Mini Infinity Cheat you can add UNLIMITED Crystals and Gold to your Call of Mini™ Infinity Android or iOS game!

This cheat is unique because it actually works on both platforms. So there is no need to go onto Google and start looking for a separate tool by searching Com Infinity Hack iOS. Gone are those days where glitches only tend to work on a iPhone or Samsung.

This Call of Mini Infinity Mod is safe to use because it has a unique script and plugin. We have tested this on the iOS platform and Android several times and our accounts have never been banned.

Now if you haven’t even played Call of Mini Infinity then here is a review on the game.

Call of Mini Infinity Review

The earth is on the brink of a large METEORITE IMPACT! The burden is on you to find a new place for people to LIVE. Colonizing a planet is not that easy and DANGERS lie ahead.

35 years ago, humans discovered an inhabitable star known as Caron. They have started to gather a vast army of star warriors in preparation for an expedition to that planet outside the solar system.

And you’re the leader of this army! Take your army safely to the planet. When you land, build a base and set up defenses against incoming alien attacks. Then what’s left is to conquer this planet completely!

Call of Mini Infinity is available on both Google Play and the iTunes app store. Call of Mini Infinity is a 4v4 third person shooter that can battle with the best of them.  It has multiple weapons, game types, and equipment.  As soon as you load the game for the first time they throw you into a battle.

Battles are pretty straight forward.  You have a classic deathmatch, a king of the hill, and something called the cash grab.  In deathmatch it is the first team to get 20 kills, or the team with most kills when the timer is up, wins.  You win experience to level up and cash to upgrade your gear.

After you finish a battle you see basics stats like how many kills you got and how much XP and cash you won from this battle.  You receive XP and cash no matter if you win or not.  You just make more if you win.

Below is shot of main screen from the game.  This where you pick what battle you want to do next, go to your base to change your loadout, or choose to do an event.

Events are nice change of pace.  It is that same battle types as normal battles but with a twist.  There is a daily event where you just finish, win or lose, a game and you get 2000 cash.  Make sure you do this because upgrades get expensive.

There are other types of events as well.  There is one currently where you get more experience then normal for a kill.  I think they rotate the events around too because there is another even that say coming soon where everyone just gets a rocket launcher.

When you go to base you come to a screen that looks like this.

Here you can customize you character with different skills and equipment.  Since the time this photo was taken I have acquired Heavy Armour and a auto turret.  As you upgrade your equipment it does get more expensive for each next upgrade.  The cost is follows a exponential trend.

1st upgrade: 2000

2nd upgrade: 5000

3rd upgrade 10000

and so on.

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The Walking Dead Our World Hack – Unlimited Gold (100% Working) Mon, 20 Aug 2018 18:48:10 +0000 The Walking Dead Our World Hack Hey Gold Flyers, it’s your boy Tom Ross with an exclusive The Walking Dead Our World Hack, which will allow you to get unlimited gold for FREE! Don’t worry I feel the frustration, when you get addicted to a game and you want to reach the higher levels but […]

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The Walking Dead Our World Hack

Hey Gold Flyers, it’s your boy Tom Ross with an exclusive The Walking Dead Our World Hack, which will allow you to get unlimited gold for FREE!

Don’t worry I feel the frustration, when you get addicted to a game and you want to reach the higher levels but you have to spend loads of money on in-app purchases.

Well, I’ve got some good news for you guys because there is now a cheat for TWD Our World, which will save you money.

Basically, this cheat allows you to get unlimited gold for FREE! Yes that’s right…this Our World hack will allow you to get all the loot you want and you do not need to download our world apk.

All you have to do is follow the simple instructions below.

1. Click The “FREE ONLINE GENERATOR” to begin.
2. Enter username/email of your account.
3. Choose your desired amount of Gold.
4. Proceed to last step.


And that’s it folks, just enjoy having unlimited gold in Our World.

For those of you who have not played the game yet here is our The Walking Dead Our World Review.

TWD Our World First Impressions

The Walking Dead Our World is an AR game in the same vein as Pokemon Go and the more recent Jurassic World Alive.

Now if you missed that whole Pokemon Go craze allow me to kind of explain what TWD Our World is. Basically this is an excuse to walk around your town or your city, burn some calories and get your steps in.

The game is GPS enabled, so as you walk around your town you will encounter zombies. You kill those zombies and they drop loot.

You also rescue survivors and then you’ll use those types of resources to build on your own safe houses. You can unlock your favourite characters from the show and all kinds of cool stuff.

Like I said, this is just kind of an excuse to get outside move around, burn some pounds for the summer and be social. Because a lot of this game does have a lot of social aspects but let me kind of just get started with the zombie slaying.

Since this is an AR game, GPS is very important, so zombies near me I can’t get to unless I literally walk outside and get closer to them.

But infestations are a little bit different so I can actually do this from the comfort of my apartment right here.

So as opposed to like throwing Pokeballs at people or to use drones to shoot dinosaurs, you’re basically killing zombies.

Head shots are very important, so basically you tap on the screen to shoot, get your headshots in, kill everybody and that’s how you clear the stage.

The Walking Dead Our World has a store where you can make in-app purchases to help you along your way. That’s nothing new, that’s with most games that are out there.

Hence why The Walking Dead Our World Hack comes pretty handy. As you can get unlimited gold to make purchases.


So the main focus of this game is to get cards, whether they’re heroes, whether they’re weapons or whether they’re perks.

So first up is perks, they help your overall gameplay whether it be energy coins or gold. Each card does a different thing, some increase first aid kits and grenades.

Next is weapons, these are what you use to obviously shoot the zombies and defeat hordes and stuff like that. Heroes are basically like another you, they attack the zombies and help you along the way.

You can power them out and some cost 400. It depends whether they’re epic or common or you know what tier basically they are.


So, as you can see that playing this game can actually cost a lot of money hence you need to use cheats for TWD to get a head start.

How To Get Coins in The Walking Dead Our World

The walking dead our world seems to be at least for me one of the most scarce resources I can find. So there’s a few different ways to get coins in the game.

The first is going to be supply drops. We’ll see okay I got grenades that time there is a chance of getting coins from that. It seems fairly low compared to the other ones. Most of the time I seem to get energy from that.

The next way to get it is from an infestation. Actually that will cover this first you can get it from the rewards for the different missions. Unfortunately to do Raiders I have to be level 6 so kind of weird that I got that one.

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How Is Kratos Still Alive – God of War 4 (2018) Wed, 04 Jul 2018 22:09:38 +0000 How Is Kratos Still Alive – God of War 4 (2018) There is a game that many of you may be familiar with called God of War. It has introduced an entire generation to Greek mythology. The game that has created a character so iconic and epic that many people just assume that he must […]

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How Is Kratos Still Alive – God of War 4 (2018)

There is a game that many of you may be familiar with called God of War. It has introduced an entire generation to Greek mythology. The game that has created a character so iconic and epic that many people just assume that he must have existed within the Greek pantheon. For those of you still wondering I am indeed referring to Kratos. The people who followed the previous are all asking how is Kratos still alive in the 2018 release. For those who don’t know, here is an explanation of God of War followed by why Kratos is still living.

God of War – The Story Behind Kratos

The God of War franchise got off initially in 2005 for the PlayStation 2. And as far as it’s fast paced hack and slash combat system was, a large part of its success can be attributed to its story. Allowing the plate to battle against the face as creatures of Greek mythology and bring down the Greek pantheon itself.

The story is not much more than your classic revenge and redemption story arc. But its integration of Greek mythology and the creation of a world. That brings so many of the gods and monsters that people may have never heard of to life is the main reason that got a voice such a success and why it is loved by millions across
the globe.

So the protagonist of our story as we mentioned earlier has arose from the question, how is Kratos still alive, and of course his name is Kratos. A fierce Spartan warrior who began to rise in the ranks as the youngest captain in the Spartan Army. He had what looked to be a very promising military career ahead of him. That was until he faced the ever-growing barbarian threat in the east.

Director explains how is Kratos still alive!

The battle itself lasted for several hours but the sheer size of the Barbarian army was too much for the Spartan. With the majority of his men slain, the young captain’s career looked like he would come to a premature end. But there was nothing that Kratos valued more than victory. So much so that he would be willing to sacrifice everything including his own soul.

Call To Ares

In that moment Kratos is desperate, a call to Ares was the only means of victory. But it was a decision that would haunt Kratos for the rest of his existence. The God of war would eventually answer Kratos’s call. Descending from the sky, Ares recognized the potential of the young Spartan and the opportunity to mold him into a perfect warrior.

Once Kratos had pledged his life to Ares the barbarian army will dispatch with ease and he granted his new apprentice ultimate power. Mere mortal weapons were now beneath the God of War’s newest servant. Kratos was given weapons forged in the depths of Hades, the blades of chaos, and they would be seared into his skin. An ever-present reminder of the oath that he had taken.

He would serve Ares for many years where he would do terrible and unspeakable things. All in the name of the God of War. In his thirst for victory, Kratos would eventually stumble upon a temple and kill all those inside. When he eventually looked down at his final two victims they were his wife and child.

It was that exact moment that Kratos knew he could no longer serve Ares. He would have to kill the God that once saved his life. The Oracle that had warned Kratos not to enter the temple, while his wife and child was seeking refuge, then decided to curse the Spartan.

She bound the ashes of his wife and daughter to his skin for all those to see the terrible deed that he had committed. And it was on that night that the Ghost of Sparta would be born.

Haunted by his past and all of those that he had murdered. Kratos embarks on his journey to restore the memories of his past life. But when he eventually does, he finds out that his nightmares were in fact the memories of all the people he had slain.


He would serve the gods for a further 10 years. Until he grew tired of the nightmares when he eventually confronted the gods about relieving his burden. The goddess Athena promises to absolve his sins and help with his nightmares. But only if he assisted her in stopping her brother Ares from destroying Athens.

The only way to kill a god was by opening Pandora’s box and harnessing its power. But before Kratos was able to do so Ares held a stake from across Greece. Pinning him to a wall and eventually killing him. Hence, how is Kratos still alive.

Kratos then fallen into Hades refused to accept his fate and fought his way out of the underworld. Where he would eventually come face to face with the god. When Kratos opened Pandora’s Box, the powers of the gods were unleashed. And Kratos would do what no one had ever done before.

He was the first mortal to defeat a god. Unfortunately for Kratos, Athena tells him that his sins may be forgiven but he will never be able to forget what he had done.

Upon hearing the news, Kratos leaps from the highest mountain in Greece. In an attempt to end his misery. Unfortunately for the Spartan his journey did not end there. So the twist to how is Kratos still alive has happened throughout all the God of War PS4 games. As he was saved by Athena who then tells him that with Ares gone, he must assume the throne.

And the role of the new god of war with his newfound godly power, he began destroying in second cities at will. Which in turn caused some concern among the rest of the gods, attempting to stop Kratos.

Athena would resurrect the Colossus of Rhodes. But at this point you should also intervene, offering Kratos the Blade of Olympus. Telling him that if he infused the blade with all of his godly power he would be able to defeat the Colossus.

But what Kratos was unaware of was that when he defeated the Colossus, the blade will drain all of his power and leave him weak and defenseless. Zeus will then reveal himself, killing Kratos and once again sending him back to the underworld. And once again we are asking how is Kratos still alive?

But just like the first time Kratos would not spend much time in the underworld. This time he would be saved by the goddess Gaea and the two hatched up a plan to use a luma feint to go back into time and defeat Zeus.

Kratos would once again return to the world of the living. But this time with a plan to kill Zeus and any God that stood in his way.

For those of you wondering why Zeus would kill Kratos in the first place. Well I’m not quite sure why because Katros always stays alive, Zeus had learnt of a prophecy that stated he will be killed by a marked mortal. So he previously sent Athena and Ares to find that mortal.

Ares would come across a boy who was set a very distinctive markings. This boy was not Kratos but his younger brother Deimos when he attempted to save his brother from the God, he was easily brushed aside. And only through the persuasion of Athena was he allowed to live.

His failure to protect his brother caused him to join the spartan army and in order to honor Deimos he had a full-body tattoo mimicking his birthmark.

With Kratos’s brother dead, Zeus naturally assumed the prophecy to now refer to Kratos and thus why he took the opportunity to kill him. Kratos ventured to the land of creation and after defeating countless enemies he would use the loom of fate to return to the exact moment where he was killed by Zeus. But I don’t think he was actually killed because Katros is still alive in the 2018 release.

Hoping to change the outcome, Kratos who claimed in the blade of a power Zeus. But before he was able to kill the God, Athena leaps in front of the sword saving her father. In her dying breath, Athena tells Kratos that Zeus is in fact Olympus. And if he is slain, Olympus will fall and all the gods with him.

She also tells him that Zeus is his father which has little sway over the Spartan, as his father did just kill him once again. Using the loom of fate, Gaia and Kratos create an army of titans. Recreating the war between the Titans and Olympians. As they attempt to scale Olympus, there is a huge blow dealt to the Olympians when together Kratos and Gaia defeat Poseidon and in turn flood the entire world.

When the two finally manage to reach their way to the top they are greeted by an eagerly awaiting Zeus who hurls bolts of thunder knocking them both off and leaving them to die. But Gaia manages to hang on revealing her true intentions and leaving Kratos to die once again. And then Katros still lives on after!

This time in the underworld, Kratos defeats Hades and learns how to kill Zeus. Just like when he killed Ares he would need to once again open Pandora’s box. But this time the box is hidden behind the flames of Olympus which can only be extinguished by Pandora herself.

When Pandora attempts to sacrifice herself she is stopped. But despite his best efforts Pandora eventually breaks free and she’s instead halted by Zeus. After a heated exchange of words the two would once again fight to the death.

This time the confrontation is cut short when Pandora once again attempts to extinguish the flames. Only to be stopped by Kratos again. When Zeus says don’t fail like you failed your family, Kratos lets go of Pandora and the box is released. When the box is eventually opened, it’s empty.

With Zeus and his son looking onto the flooded world that had been engulfed in chaos. They prepared for their final battle.

Gaia survived earlier and has now reached the top once again and attempts to kill Kratos and Zeus. The two end up falling inside of Gaia’s chest where Kratos delivers this final blow.

Kratos has now defeated all of the gods and Titans bringing an end to the Greek pantheon. But as you would expect, as Zeus had one last trick, releasing his spirit from his body in the final attempt to kill his son. Using the memories of his wife and daughter after dealing with years of guilt and regrets. Kratos finally overcomes himself forcing Zeus’s spirit back into his body.

Where he then proceeds to pummel him to death. I guess some people just have different ways in dealing with their father issues.

Athena appears once again but this time in her newly transcended form. She reveals that when Kratos opened Pandora’s box for the first time he unleashed all the evils and fears of the world upon the gods of Olympus.

Those of you who are familiar with Pandora’s Box, we know that hope was also released. And it was hope that gave Kratos the power to defeat the gods. With his tasks now complete, he’s asked by Athena to return hope to her. So she can in turn give it to humanity but Kratos having no trust left for any God impales himself returning hope to humanity directly.

OK, so is Kratos immortal and that’s how Kratos is still alive?

Infuriated by his action, Athena leaves the God of War to die. His final death and one final cliffhanger!

Kratos’s body is now gone, there was a trail of blood leading to the edge of the cliff and we’re given one final shot of the world in chaos. For those of you who have seen the trailers regarding the new god of war, we see that Kratos is in fact not dead and has somehow made it to the Norse world….YES…Kratos is still alive and kicking like a true spartan.

God of War 4 (2018)

We’ll be diving in the recent God of War 4 which came to light in 2018 on PlayStation 4.

How Is Kratos Still Alive?

But now we’re going to be talking about the linking of garden or tree, how it effects the God of War. So the death of Zeus ends the world into chaos. And Athena reappears demanding Kratos returns what he apparently kicked from Pandora’s box.

Kratos states the box was empty and that is something Athena refuses to believe. Athena explains that when Zeus sealed the evil of the world within the box. She foresaw that it would eventually be opened and so she plays her own power hope within the box.

Cut a long story short I know why your asking like how is Kratos still alive. But if you ask me I think he didn’t die. Either someone saved him, perhaps his wife saved him from the mountain and that’s how he got to survive.

Or he didn’t die he just lost his power and bled out. And eventually something happened to keep Kratos alive in the new God of War for PlayStation 4.

Also check out:
God of War PS4 Review 2018

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How To Play Fortnite Battle Royale Better – Tips and Hacks (PC) Mon, 02 Jul 2018 13:40:19 +0000 How To Play Fortnite Battle Royale Better OK, I get it. All your friends are talking about their game play and you want to learn how to play Fortnite Battle Royale better than them. Here are the most common mistakes I see new players make as well as some other tips to get you a […]

The post How To Play Fortnite Battle Royale Better – Tips and Hacks (PC) appeared first on Gold Flyer.

How To Play Fortnite Battle Royale Better

OK, I get it. All your friends are talking about their game play and you want to learn how to play Fortnite Battle Royale better than them. Here are the most common mistakes I see new players make as well as some other tips to get you a win.

Tip 1 – Building In Fortnite Battle Royale

The first mistake new players do is they don’t build correctly or even build at all. If you are coming over from other battle royale games, you’re used to just looting, finding some objects to take cover behind and just fighting it out to the end. In Fortnite you’ll want to build your own objects and throw them quickly. The faster you get at queuing up and placing objects such as walls and stairs the quicker you will learn how to play Fortnite Battle Royale better. Possibly leading to an overall match win.

It doesn’t even have to be a massive base in the sky like you see others do on streams and YouTube videos. Something as simple as a wall with stairs can protect you and cover you for long enough to get a few shots off. Shots come in from behind you or to the side of you as well just drop another wall down and heal up if you feel you have the time.

At the very least a quick wall or two can buy you some time to come up with an escape or attack plan. Keep in mind that objects in the process of being built will always be more susceptible to being destroyed as they take extra damage from incoming fire. Dropping wall after wall and burning through your resources in battle is still always a better option than dying. When you master building you will be on your way to learn how to play Fortnite Battle Royale better.

If I get caught under attack in an open field you’ll often see me backpedaling while jumping around placing wall after wall. Until I feel I am safe enough to heal, escape or to put some stairs down and start returning fire. Get those walls stairs and even the roof on a hotkey unless you feel the default F keys are working for you.

Many players will even use the buttons on their Mouse so they can defend themselves in an instant. So improve those building skills as soon as possible and you will find yourself winning more single battles

Tip 2 – Fortnite Battle Royale Looting

The second mistake I see new players make is slow or poor looting. You gotta loot to learn how to play Fortnite Battle Royale better!

There will be battles decided on how fast you can loot at the beginning of the game. Here’s what you need to know; first you might have already figured out the ascending order of quality of guns:

1. White (Worst)
2. Green
3. Blue
4. Purple
5. Orange (Best)

The greater qualities do more damage, the recoil and even bullet spread of shotguns are closer together. So your first goal when looting is to find those higher quality guns as soon as possible to try to win the early battles.

This might mean gliding over a few rooftops on your way down into a city and doing some quick sightings through windows. Look for that color for glow and don’t be fooled by the light blue glow of a trap.

When you find loot there are two ways to pick it up; you can press E if it’s a larger object or just run over it with your character if it’s ammo or resources.

That’s basic, you probably already know it but the tip here is that if you want to avoid picking up lesser or weaker weapons on the ground, switch to your pickaxes being eat a loot.

You won’t accidentally exchange guns. Sure this might only save a second or two here or there. But those seconds can add up when getting a jump on an enemy or running in from the storm.

A quick side tip for you guys who want to learn how to play Fortnite Battle Royale better: if you see a gun on the ground with no ammo a player has been there and has taken the ammo so keep an eye out.

The gold chests are your best bet for early survival. They will always drop a gun so aiming for these chests when possible is key. If you can’t see the gold chest, you might hear them in that case. Start knocking down some walls and making your way to the chest.

Just be sure not to destroy the floor under the chest as it will take the chest with it. It will also drop ammo which is precious in Fortnite and possibly some medical gear. If you can land in a spot with two or three gold chests you might find yourself looted for endgame, even five minutes into the match.

Don’t expect only big cities to have gold chests either, there are gold chests scattered around the entire map. Sometimes just sitting in the middle of wooded areas or on top of hills.

It is not like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, in the sense that if you don’t drop in a big city you won’t get the best loot.

Tip 3 – Fortnite Battle Pass Landing Spots

A mistake that new players make is only landing in major cities. Just because it has a name on it on the map doesn’t make it any better than around the rest of the map.

The map looks big but is actually easy to traverse and doesn’t mean that you’ll be stranded, if you’re outside of a major location. In fact the minor locations and sometimes just being plain out in the middle of nowhere can offer you just as much loot. You often won’t even need to battle it out for it.

When I dropped two random houses and hilltops outside of towns. I find that half or more of the entire match population is dead. By the time I even need to move for the second circle there are even single or double houses with multiple gold chests around.

You might find you eluded just from a house or two and can spend some time collecting resources by bashing the building into pieces preparing for that endgame. As always, keep an eye on enemies dropping nearby and use those improved looting skills to clear a chest or two quickly. Then wait for them to make a mistake like getting caught in an open field.

You can use crouch sneak to the edge of the building, let them finish clearing their entire house and just finish them off securing all the loot for yourself.

Keep this strategy in mind if you want to learn how to play Fortnite Battle Royale better and beat your friends!

Tip 4 – Sound Effects In Fortnite

The fourth mistake that new and even advanced players make is under estimating the importance of sound in
Fortnite. Throw on a pair of headphones for added benefit of course. I reckon that  If somebody is near you, you know it and you know exactly where they’re coming from. If you’re paying close enough attention to footsteps. Appreciate the Greens battles from the very beginning to the very end of the match.

What separates Fortnite sounds from other games though is the destructible environment. When you break something down it is loud and it can be heard from quite far away. Many new players forget this as they are breaking through walls and chopping down trees or busting up cars.

Fortnite Battle Royale PS4 Advanced Tips

Not only can they be heard easily but they can’t hear enemy’s footsteps. Be smart when destroying objects for
resources and consider if the noise made is worth as four gunshots. There are currently no silenced weapons inf Fortnite this means that every bullet shot is a clue for you or an enemy where somebody is.

You might have a clear shot on someone and get the kill pretty easily. But just remember that any enemy around you knows exactly where you are. There are many times I have let enemies go for two important reasons:

1. I don’t have a clear shot and I won’t be able to kill them for sure from my angular distance
2. That just isn’t worth making the noise

It’s your game and I’m not going to tell you what to do but my suggestion is that if you want to learn how to play Fortnite Battle Royale better.

Tip 5 – Battles In Fortnite

Back when I played League of Legends I would watch the best players in the world, the Koreans of course. And I would admire how aggressive they would be. As I improved and grew as a player myself I realized that there wasn’t really aggression.

What I was calling aggression, was just them simply knowing when they can win in a fight. They would only
engage in battles that they had the upper hand on. Based on positioning or teamwork or just overall general skill.

Only engage in battles in Fortnite that you know you can win!

So, if I’m out in the middle of a field with say a bolt-action sniper rifle, which is arguably the best gun in the
game. And I see an enemy, I have two options; engage or don’t engage. So what goes through my head is am I good enough to drop the enemy from my location? What if I hit him once will he just like build a wall?

He’ll now have a clear shot at my location after building up in seconds. Does he have a teammate with a better angle on me than I have on this enemy? What if he does have a teammate and I am able to knock any one
out in a single shot? Do I even have the means to quickly get to him and kill him?

With the ultimate goal of the game being to survive, is that shot the best choice for me to make giving up my position? Using ammo, taking return fire and possibly using my medical gear. All because I had a small chance that I might be able to hit someone.

There will be many times you see somebody far ahead of you making their way to the circle. With no idea you were there, you can take some potshots at them. And pray you hit them or just bide your time and get a perfect position to win the battle.

Now like I said this is my suggestion if you want to learn how to play Fortnite Battle Royale better!!!

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God of War PS4 Review 2018 Sat, 30 Jun 2018 23:26:05 +0000 God of War PS4 Review 2018 Welcome to my God of War PS4 Review 2018. You’ll be disappointed if you stop at the first paragraph because there is a twist in my analysis. God of War 2005 Now in 2005 the first god of war game was released and after all its success it instantly […]

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God of War PS4 Review 2018

Welcome to my God of War PS4 Review 2018. You’ll be disappointed if you stop at the first paragraph because there is a twist in my analysis.

God of War 2005

Now in 2005 the first god of war game was released and after all its success it instantly turns into a stable franchise for PlayStation. With several more main line installments and prequels in the PSP the series had many fans hooked with its satisfying combat in the awesome Greek mythology.

But despite their quality as time passed and these games kept following each other up. One thing became abundantly clear, generally they were very much the same games. It’s been a rough time for Sony Santa Monica. The studio had its major new IP canceled in 2014 and the most recent God of War ascension was received with mixed reviews.

The series had reached a climax leaving the studio to make a hard decision. But it was the only choice the franchise needed, a fundamental shift. So let’s begin with my God of War PS4 Review 2018…

Kratos – The Ghost of Sparta

God of War PlayStation 4 boldly throws away all the conventions that we’ve known. Leaving only the story of Kratos at its core. A new setting called Matt and even camera angles.

The list of changes seemed daunting at first. But having played the game now for a couple of weeks, I’m incredibly happy to say in my God of War PS4 Review 2018, that this game is EPIC!

After killing all the Gods of Olympus, Kratos left Greece and traveled to the North realms. He starts a new family and has a son called Atreus. God of War picks up many years later at another emotional low point for Kratos.

His wife has passed away and a final wish was for ashes to be scattered at the highest mountain peak. This is the starting point for what will be a long challenging, but amazing journey. The main characters thought-out
unprepared. Kratos feels not only he himself, but especially his son are just not ready for this. Yet you can feel his struggle to become a better person, leaving his days of pure anger in the past.

He now tries to place himself in other people’s shoes to understand their motivation and that’s something we wouldn’t see before.

Kratos Son Atreus

Atreus is quite the opposite, he’s young inexperienced and so he doesn’t quite know how to act in certain
situations. Yet over the course of the game the bond between the two develops organically. Obviously I can’t give anything away but the story in this game is great.

Storyline of God of War

The opening hour is emotional, epic and in-your-face. Immediately setting the tone for what this game is trying to achieve. The few hours that follow may feel a little slow in comparison. But the pace eventually picks up and once it gets going I had that feeling that I just couldn’t stop anymore. It’s one massive roller coaster ride.

And if you’re a newcomer to the series you can fully enjoy without the need to have played the other games. For a long time fan though, there are plenty of moments that will make you very happy and filled with nostalgia.

Now you won’t meet a whole lot of characters along the way. But it allowed for those who do encounter to get plenty of screen time and the result is that they are all fantastic additions with their own character development. From the dwarf called Sindri, the merchant brawls with a broken relationship who you keep bumping into.

The witch in the woods with their own reasons to help you out. There is a particular person you’ll meet halfway
through who is not only awesome and hilarious but has a huge impact on the rest of the game.

Finally there’s the way the story is told. You’ve likely heard about the fact that this game has no camera cuts and therefore constantly follows you around. It’s not as big of a deal as I’d hoped due to the interruptions of the menu screens or when you die. This brings the effect down a little bit, but overall the direction of the cut scenes combined with how they blend into the game. So in my God of War PS4 Review 2018, it deserves all the praise.

God of War Graphics for PS4

Graphically, God of War’s is up there with the best looking games on the PS4 not only in 2018 but overall. Actually if there’s one thing I had to mention that impressed me the most. It’s the sheer amounts of not only insanely gorgeous but expansive areas.

I can’t even imagine the effort that must have gone into it. Realizing this as I write my God of War PS4 Review 2018, the game also has a beautiful orchestral soundtrack that accompanies every fight or emotional scene. I was surprised as well with how polished the entire package was.

Sure there were minor clipping issues with your equipment and armor. Some lines would be repeated to the point where you started noticing it and I heard creators shout commands even though I just saw him drop that to the ground after failing to win a fight.

Although there were no major bugs that truly affected my experience. While the game plays in 30 fps on the regular PlayStation 4. Owners of a PS4 Pro have the choice between a higher resolution or performance mode. The latter of these is particularly interesting as it boosts the frame rate as much as it can.

For each scenario, it’s therefore easy to notice differences when travelling between the smaller and bigger spaces. But in most occasions it offers a significantly smoother experience. Sure the game plays just fine on the original models but once I went back from performance mode to try out the lower frame rate option I just
couldn’t do it anymore.

God of War Game Play PS4

God of War 2018 can be added to the list of games that will make PS4 Pro owners happy to have upgraded and we all know that list isn’t a large one. But if there’s one area where most of the changes have taken place it’s obviously the game play. This has had many fans worried as the previous games were known to have incredibly satisfying combat.

Already I was one of those and even though I personally felt ready for something else I just didn’t know if I’d end up liking the changes as much. Fortunately all those doubts were for nothing because it’s honestly even
better. I usually appreciate a game more when I have to do an in depth analysis, like this God of War PS4 Review 2018.

Combat with the axe feels amazing, using these shoulder buttons you can hack and slash into enemies with it. Throw and recall it at any time or switch to your fists. For certain types of folks who are resistant to it; cleverly rolling away or using your shield to counter keeps momentum going, which will eventually lead to a brutal
execution move. And don’t worry this game is every bit as brutal as the original ones but the axe isn’t just a weapon. It’s also a tool you use to solve environmental puzzles.

Whether it is to keep gates up using it’s freezing abilities or to destroy hidden seals for the optional chests which will grant you a bigger health and rage bond. There are more puzzles overall than before which
means they are generally shorter.

So the pacing doesn’t get dragged down as you travel through the world you’ll quickly find certain doors that are locked or chests covered in thorn bushes.

In later parts of the game you’ll learn several new abilities that will make you one to backtrack to reach those areas you couldn’t get to before. Then there’s the character customization which is huge. You can craft new armor which will change the looks of both Kratos and Atreus, upgrade your weapons, apply runes to boost your stats and unlock new skill levels. It goes on and on!!!

In the beginning it was almost overwhelming how many options were available in God of War PS4. But as you’ll get more familiar with the system’s, eventually you’ll become an expert.

However not every attack seems as useful in direct combat. But fortunately you get to choose the style of playing you prefer. The comment system will start out basic and needs to grow on you. Though in the first few hours you’ll have barely any moves unlocked and the enemies are pretty standard.

Once you get used to the controls, start unlocking new skills and the game really takes off. Trust me you
won’t want that any other way. Now the game itself is very linear. That’s great because it allows for the story to be told very naturally to surprise you with new and awesome locations.From the beginning to the end.

That being said, a few hours and it will somewhat open up and reveal that there is more to do than just the main quest. The entire world is connected. The map shows the complete path you’ve taken. So far there is a hub like area at the center surrounded by water from here you can freely travel to parts of the world to either continue the story of War of Gods 2018 or wander off and do side quests or find optional collectibles.

You get to these places with your boat but the amount of traveling you do is not nearly as much as I was afraid of before. It also allows for some down time giving Kratos and Atreus plenty of time to discuss the journey so far and share some insight about the lore of the world.

Once you get to any place of significance there are portals that allow you to quickly fast travel to areas you’ve already been to before.

After spending a little less than 20 hours I managed to beat the main story and I did so the day after receiving the game. Hence why I’m writing my God of War PS4 Review 2018.

You might imagine I was simply hooked I did all of this only normal so-called balanced difficulty mode while I generally found the game to be very doable with this setting. Some of the optional content afterwards can give you a noticeably hard time. Now the game allows you to switch difficulty settings at any point you like and no trophies or in-game rewards are tied to it.

But there is a so called give me God of War difficulty setting that prevents you from switching. But that’s only if you’re ready to throw your controller against the wall. Even after I was done with the main story with around 25% overall completion displayed on the map. There was so much more to do. The side quests called
favours aren’t just typical fetch activities. They come with their own separate areas that you won’t get to see, if you only play the main story and will even contain a cut scene here and there. I tried all these methods just so I could later write it in my God of War PS4 Review 2018.

Sure I didn’t enjoy doing them as much as the main story but by completing one in between here and there it’s a cool way to increase your game time. There are optional Valkyrie bosses who can be extremely difficult and will have their own patterns of attacks that you need to learn.

Making them straight-up play out like Dark Souls boss fights. That being said, I also found that to be some real
issues with the site content. The tracker can sometimes be a little buggy and send you in the wrong directions. Some activities cannot even be tracked or give you any hints whatsoever. Leaving you completely clueless as to where to look for that one final object to complete a quest.

It’s also unclear how to obtain certain resources to max out your stats and the game in general leaves you pretty confused about what to do next after beating the main story itself. Despite those complaints I had a
blast the entire way through and best of all the game play never felt repetitive.

To me all I can think of right now, while writing my God of War PS4 Review 2018, is that I want to play more of the game. Simply everything that I wanted it to be with each change that seemed too drastic that felt like it could bring the game down it honestly only proved to be for the better.

Sony Santa Monica had always been a very talented studio. But for a long time was just not talked about anymore. With this game they’ve managed to show us that they’re back and better than ever before.

Claiming a spot right at the top with the highest level. The developers of God of War PS4 will be remembered not only as the rethought that blew new life into a series that was on the brink of becoming stagnant.  But genuinely as one of the games that defines this generation.

Thanks for reading my God of War PS4 Review 2018. I hope you found it valuable!

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Fortnite Battle Royale PS4 Advanced Tips Thu, 28 Jun 2018 17:27:50 +0000 Fortnite Battle Royale PS4 Advanced Tips Fortnite Battle Royale is slowly taking over the world but tips from a few months ago are no longer viable or the meta has changed enough for new tactics. So I’ve asked as many professional Battle Royale players as I can think of to give you 35 Fortnite Battle Royale […]

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Fortnite Battle Royale PS4 Advanced Tips

Fortnite Battle Royale is slowly taking over the world but tips from a few months ago are no longer viable or the meta has changed enough for new tactics. So I’ve asked as many professional Battle Royale players as I can think of to give you 35 Fortnite Battle Royale PS4 Advanced Tips and by asked I mean I’ve stalked them and spammed their chat until they replied.

These 35 tips should be good for anyone from beginner to intermediate and hopefully you guys who are already Fortnite Kings may find one or two things you didn’t already know.

1 Pulse Grenades

If you find yourself stuck in the storm I’m already sure that you use the launch pad wherever possible to escape but also keep in mind those pulse grenades to push yourself quickly towards the safe zone. In some cases it’s actually more beneficial to grab the pulse grenades over healing items so don’t ignore them they could save your life.

2 Parachutes

Most people have noticed that the altitude your parachute pops at is set to a certain distance above the ground or structures. What a great deal of people are missing though is that the parachute auto deploys at its lowest altitude if you are away from the island. This is because they don’t follow, Fortnite Battle Royale PS4 Advanced Tips. So places like greasy grove can be reached quicker by first jumping away from the island and sweeping back in after the umbrella pops. This should allow you to land first.

3 Safe Zones

Of course not everyone wants to fight every single person they see in Fortnite, even thought it’s called Battle Royale. So if you’re a covert player, attempt to enter the safe zones by the smallest side. This limits the number of combatants you face. The theory is simple; we are all attracted to those areas of interest, the ones that are named on the map. So get the edge by thinking tactically and entering the safe zone by the area of least resistance.

Whether you’re a war monger or a stealth player think about running towards gunfire in the distance, if your timing is right you can sneak up on an entire squad and completely obliterate a team which has just survived a long tough battle.

4 Weapon Sounds

It’s also a great idea to get used to the unique sounds of each weapon if you are hankering for a scar listen for those shots and take the weapon by force.

Let’s move on to building…Fortnite Battle Royale PS4 Advanced Tips

4 Building Bases

Building bases remains an integral part of our Fortnite Battle Royale PS4 Advanced Tips. Especially in the later game combat. It’s a great recommendation to throw a trap at the top of your base to warn off any would be based rushes. But we can take this a step further by placing traps at the foot of our base and catch those snooping little buggers who attempt to hide there. By doing this you also may find yourself being forced to jump out of your structure and running away may actually net you another kill.

Oh and one more way to use traps on your bases is by putting them inside a few different ways. To do this edit the top of your structure and watch your foes fall to their death or make a door on the bottom and hide traps behind it.

5 Use of Wood

There’s so many ways to use traps to deter and outright murder players. Most people who play Fortnite Battle Royale use brick and metal for those final bases. This makes complete sense as they are the stronger materials but many people miss how weak they are during the first few seconds of the build. Wood on the other hand has immediate integrity and can take the brunt of a shotgun blast and still stay intact. Whereas metal the supposed strongest structure is smashed to pieces immediately. Of course metal is the strongest material for final towers but always keep in mind how long they take to construct.

6 Use of Trees

Trees are the biggest commodity for materials in Fortnite Battle Royale PS4 Advanced Tips, but the sight of them falling can give away your location with big trees.

7 Keep Health Intact

Try to keep the last 50 health intact and move to the next one. It’s damn hard to resist I know but no one wants to be ambushed with their chopper out. So keep your eye on the horizon line and watch for falling trees and structures to get one up on the opposition.

Another thing to consider with materials in general is what items give you the most resources or the quickest resources. Pallets rock formations, huge pine trees and the beasts trees at moisty are great to get out your axe and just smack a few different things as you walk past. You may find something which yields more materials than you expect.

8 Glitch in Fortnite

There’s a small glitch that can be used when gathering materials, axe switching or axe cancelling. If you prefer it works best on the PC but with practice it’s pretty good on the PS4. To do it, begin to mine like usual but after your first swing hits switch to your inventory items and immediately switch back again and start the process all over. Your character will definitely look like they’re having a seizure but with practice you can obliterate anything using axe canceling.

9 Building A Ramp

Let’s look at our building options during fights. When climbing high, it’s a good idea to put a ramp over your head to protect you from head shots from a higher distance. This is also the case with rubes which can be placed above your head if the opposition has the high ground. You’d be surprised how many players jump down and give away that high ground once they feel they can’t get debris shots.

10 Peek Through The Slots

Depending on the material you choose to build with you can peek through the slots in the structure and get the drop on your enemy. Fortnite is very frustrating in that sense some gaps you can shoot through some you can not. In here you are completely safe so peek away.

11 Edit Mode

A quick reminder about edit mode. Edit your structures in particular the walls and remove all the segments in
front of you. You’ll now be able to see through to the other side and it acts like a one-way mirror.

Speaking of editing tiles in Sniper Battles, most people are looking for someone to peek their head out of. The top Fortnite Battle Royale PS4 players mix it up a little by quickly editing in a window and surprising those dudes.

12 Hit The Base

Another good tactic is to hit a wall a few times to see through the top layer. The downside is the integrity of the wall is reduced but you can then see through and not have to put your head above the parapet by hitting their base a few times.

You can also see when they are healing and plan the perfect time to strike if you find yourself under a great deal of pressure and you’re building walls like there’s no tomorrow.

Keep moving your character around, the occasional bullet will get through so don’t stay in one place too long.

Stone offers limited visibility and can be built quite fast compared to metal. When in the upstairs of a house placed down a floor over the stairs, now stand and be ready to kill your foe by editing out the tiles once they switch to their pick axe.

Edit down and show them no remorse, be aware though not everyone falls for it so be ready.

13 Moves On A Bridge

How many times have you built a sky bridge and had it shot from beneath you. If you’re running with a squad try to attach the ramp or bridge to other structures like cliff edges by doing this if someone shoots out one of the panel’s you and your squad won’t fall to their death.

Connecting structures to solid objects acts like a point of contact keeping gravity at bay. When building structures remember that you’ll take fall damage jumping from a height above three and a half tiles.

That’s why the majority of towers you see are three walls high. If you do fall from a considerable height try to spam the ramp tile in the hopes of negating any fall damage. As an extension to this if you’re trying to make an impossible jump use the roof tile to bridge the gap.

I get into salty springs the exact same way every time leaping from the cliff edge and placing down a tile to stop my impending death on two guns and silenced weapons. In particular these are so underutilized if you don’t want to murder people with them use them for checking bushes or knocking down trees and walls without giving away your position.

14 Use A Sniper

In ranged fights use a sniper or other long-range weapon to hugely weaken your enemy whether you hit or miss, immediately switch to your rifle and finish the fight.

15 Switch Weapons

Too many of us, me included, have the urge to keep looking down our bolts sniper sites and admiring our shots but by switching to another weapon immediately you could end the fight much quicker.

16 Ramp

This should be an obvious one but I’ve neglected it for so long but you really should pop a ramp when fighting the additional cover. The heights will always give you the edge in battle.

17 Axe Switching

Have you ever looted your kill and accidentally picked up too many bandages or grenades which take up two slots in your inventory. Switching to your axe while looting will stop you from getting too many materials. It will max out on its own.

18 Hide The Loot

A few months ago, I suggested in Fortnite Battle Royale PS4 Advanced Tips, hiding unwanted loot under pyramids well I have a new tactic for this season placing a lovely structure and door around the loot. Here’s the theory, whilst raising a team a top chug chugging we all tend to build a mini for around us to keep us safe.

And then we create a door when we get out well as these mini thoughts are so inviting to other players place a trap behind the blind side of the door and anyone who can’t resist a little look will be obliterated.

19 Fortnite Campfires

How often do you use the campfires? Did you know that the effects of those campfires can stack. So standing between two or more will see you heal super quickly. This is something we picked up from a pro when researching for our Fortnite Battle Royale PS4 Advanced Tips.

20 Use Same Slot

A general Fortnite Battle Royale PS4 Advanced Tips to end on, keep weapons in the same slot where possible. This will improve your muscle memory and your reaction times. Firstly my assault rifle goes in slot 1 with a short-range weapon in and a sniper in 5. This way I can stay with my preferred assault rifle and quickly switch to either sniper or shotgun in one single click.

On console if you always keep the same weapon in the same slots you’ll never be forced to look at your load out whilst fighting.

Here’s the biggest thing of all and it seems a bit of a cop-out but it needs to be said and is a good conclusion on our Fortnite Battle Royale PS4 Advanced Tips guide. Check those patch notes, things change so fast in fortnight that the guns you love get slightly nerfed.

All those guns that you hate suddenly become the new meta.

That’s it for our Fortnite Battle Royale PS4 Advanced Tips guide.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division – 5 Awesome Tips Sun, 10 Dec 2017 00:37:59 +0000 Tom Clancy’s The Division – 5 Awesome Tips Hey Gold Flyer’s and today we’re going to be going over my top 5 of my Tom Clancy The Division Tips. These are all techniques that I personally use to have a better time in the dark zone to increase my survivability to get more loot and […]

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Tom Clancy’s The Division – 5 Awesome Tips

Hey Gold Flyer’s and today we’re going to be going over my top 5 of my Tom Clancy The Division Tips. These are all techniques that I personally use to have a better time in the dark zone to increase my survivability to get more loot and to just overall have a better dark zone experience.

And that’s why I’m sharing them with you guys today. Now these aren’t necessarily ranked in a specific order.

1. Increase Scavenger Statistic

Now this tip is simply to increase your characters scavenger stat. If I go into my character menu and look at his attributes and I scroll all the way down it’s going to show my scavenger stat. And you can see that when I go over this stat it says that the higher scavenging you have the better chance you have to find better loot and obviously since going into the dark zone one of the main objectives for most players is to find high end gear.


You definitely want to invest in this scavenger stat now although we don’t have any specific numbers. For example increasing your scavenger stat by 50% is going to yield 20% better high end drops.

To increase your scavenger stat you can do that with armour. Try to get armour that has those boosts to scavenger and remember that some performance mods actually do come with a scavenger increase.

2. Don’t Just Focus On Your Primary DPS

Now the reason I’m saying this is because I see so many people going on about how amazing their Primary DPS is and they include this in their Tom Clancy The Division Tips and Hacks Guides. But, the simple fact of the matter is that you’re going to do a lot for your character’s survivability if you don’t solely focus on your Primary DPS.

Don’t solely look for stuff that increases your firearms rating for your character, look for stuff that increases your skill, power and stamina.

Therefore health as well now because of personal experience one of my  squad members I play with all the time is constantly going on about how amazing his primary DPS, was he was saying “wow  I’ve got you know my mp7 up to  120,000 DPS”. Which was absurd and that was more than what I was doing at the time. Turns out he was sacrificing everything to get this stat.

Eventually after redoing his character he went from only 30,000 to 60,000 health and he said to me that it changed everything. Although he did give up a good portion of his Primary DPS, which he initially was very proud of having. He said it was just an entirely different experience in the dark zone, he was dying so much less and it just helped him out a ton.

BTW make sure you bookmark my Tom Clancy The Division Tips guide because I will be updating it with more cool stuff.

3. Use Two Different Primary Weapons

So let’s move on to hack number three for our Tom Clancy The Division Tips; use two different primary weapons when you’re running the dark zone. Now what do I mean by primary weapons? Well I mean weapons like light machine guns, submachine guns and assault rifles. For me what I run in the dark zone is I have a basically God role RPK light machine gun I run that and I also have a really  good roll on my amazing vector 45 ACP  submachine gun. So I run a light machine but again you could substitute one of those for an assault rifle

I would not recommend running a shotgun or marksman’s rifle. Now hold on….because I know some  people are scrolling down to the  comments section right now to tell me that I’m completely wrong and that they have an amazing shotgun. Well those of you doing that you’re not necessarily wrong but here’s why I’m suggesting doing this. The reason is simply because of ammo concerns. Now personally I have a high end vest for my character that has a bonus of 47% extra spare ammunition. So I have a substantial ammunition bonus and I’m still really concerned about running out of ammo in the dark zone.

When you’re in the dark zone, at least when I am in the dark zone my main focus is just farming bosses because I’m at level 30

I’m at that max  level cap so I’m looking for loot I’m just farming bosses for those high-end drops and as such I want to spend most of my time killing bosses.

Taking time to go to a safe house or a checkpoint every few minutes to have to restock is a colossal waste of time and additionally diverting from your path.

Now to avoid this again I run two primary weapons and the reason being is because if I’m using my vector I can use just that gun in much every scenario in every encounter by itself. And then when that runs out of ammo I can switch to my RPK again. Now when that runs out of ammo I will have hopefully collected enough ammo off the people I’ve killed to refill my vector.

4. Don’t Go Rogue

Don’t go rogue, now the reason for this is that there simply isn’t enough reward involved for the substantial risk that comes with going rogue on purpose in the dark zone. In fact one of the main topics of discussion on Tom Clancy The Division Tips and Cheats Subreddit is basically talking about how to make going rogue easier. Because right now so many players feel that it’s simply not worth it. I’m one of those players as well. If your squad purposely kills another agent in the dark zone, every other player in that dark zone is going to be notified that you went rogue. At which point you’re going to have to survive for 90 seconds.

And that 90 seconds is probably going to be extended because any players who get in your way and try to kill you resulting in their death. Then your rogue timer is going to go up even further. So enjoy having several minutes on the run. Oh and by the way, while you’re on the run every time you shoot your gun you’re going to appear again on the radar.

So everyone is updated with your position. Even if you don’t shoot your gun you’re still going to be pinged on the map and people can track you down with extreme ease.

Now of course, the reward for doing all of this hypothetically is that you kill a player. And guess what, he drops three high-end items and you take those high-end items. You survive the rogue timer and you get them for yourself but this is extremely unlikely.

A little bonus for you gamer’s, keep an eye on Tom Clancy The Division Tips subreddit because it is always updating with new hacks.

5. Final From My Tom Clancy The Division Tips Collection


My final hack for this awesome Tom Clancy The Division Tips guide is to use game chat and the simple reason being is because when you’re in game chat it is automatically programmed into every other player’s settings. They will have proximity chat turned on which means that as long as you’re talking in game chat any other player will  be able to hear you talking through  their TV.

Now why is this useful, well let’s go over a scenario that happened to me a while ago. My squad of three were simply killing a boss in the dark zone and there was another squad of three nearby.

They were just kind of doing their own thing, they had been the closest for a while and they weren’t posing us any threat. We began working together; both squads had done some damage to this boss so loot was going to drop for everyone.

Then the loot dropped from the boss and I saw a glorious orange pillar ascending to the sky. I had got a high-end item now.

Bonus Tip – Update to 1.8

The largest ever free update of Tom Clancy’s The Division has finally been released. In this update the Rikers, cleaners and LMB have all joined forces in a bid to wipe you out. 1.8 unlocks a huge new area the Westside pier. Explore this new map extension that includes camp Clinton. A new operations base for all agents resistance is a new mode within the West Side Pier area work.

Play The Division with a Free Trial

With your team against waves of enemies that becomes stronger and more numerous. As you advance defeating these waves, it rewards you with resources opening up new areas and setting up powerful defences. Don’t forget cooperation is key if you want to succeed.

As well as the resistance mode they’ve added skirmish. Put your team in a 4×4, pure PvP deathmatch against rival rogue teams. For high-end rewards the first team to reach 20 kills wins the match.

New challenges need new weapons; in 1.8 they’ve introduced exotic new guns to give you new options for your arsenal. 1.8 introduces new engagement rules. In the dark zone  1.8 also brings changes to underground  mode we’ve added checkpoints as well as  hunter enemy types to make the sessions  more challenging  with all this free content we won’t be  long before you’re exploring the 1.8  Update

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