Hey Guys

So you’ve reached my About page to find out about Gold Flyer and how it all started. But before I get into all that exciting stuff I want to tell you how I got into gaming.

So if you don’t know already, my name is Tom Ross and I’m a gaming addict.

My parents are from South Korea but I was born in California.

I had an obsession with games from the word go.

But the obsession really began when I hit my teenage years.

I never really liked outdoor sports so I preferred to stay in and play on my Playstation or Xbox. I spent hours and hours per day playing all types of games, to the extent I would not see daylight.

I would stay up till late at night and play Call of Duty into the early hours of the morning then I would sleep all day and continue the same pattern.

I learnt a lot from my cousins in South Korea, especially in shooting games as you may know some of the best gamers come from there.

After spending so much time on various games I would always come across glitches by accident and I realised that nobody really knew of these glitches.

I then began to develop cheat engines and game hacks, again which no one really knew about.

Any new game that would come out I would play around with it just to find a glitch. Then I would develop a hack so that I get unlimited resources in the game.

Over the years I have formed a network of gamers from across the world. We share our game hacks and cheats for PS4, Xbox, Android, iOS and Windows with each other.

Hence Gold Flyer was born because I want to share these game hacks with you guys so you can enjoy playing at the highest levels.

My team of developers are always updating Android Game Hacks and iOS Game Hacks on a regular basis. Because these platforms continuously run updates and patch some of the cheats.

I will continue to update more About me and Gold Flyer as time goes on.

So if you come across a game hack and it no longer works, even on my site, it’s usually because Android or iOS has release an update.

Please contact me if there is a game hack that is not working and I will patch it as soon as possible.