Castle Clash Hack – Unlimited Gems

Castle Clash Hack is the latest cheat our team have managed to get their hands on! Using our Castle Clash cheat you can add unlimited Gold and Gems to your Castle Clash Android or iOS game!

Seriously guys, it’s that simple. And the best thing is it’s FREE!

Now some may say that this is cheating, well it is BUT these Android and iOS games are limited unless you spend hundreds of dollars.

I mean what happened to good old fashioned gaming, where you bought a game and simply played it. Nowadays you have all these in-app purchases for Android games, where you end up spending hundred of dollars.

But with this Castle Clash cheat engine you can save a tonne of money.

The latest version of this gems generator is called Castle Clash Hack but people also call it a number of other names:

  • Castle Clash Mod Apk
  • Castle Clash Hack Apk
  • Castle Clash Gems Generator
  • Castle Clash Hack Download
  • Castle Clash Cheats
Castle Clash Hack

The Castle Clash Tool is so easy to use and you do NOT need to download a mod apk, root your phone or jailbreak your iPhone.

All you have to do to get free gems is click on Access Tool and enter your details.

  1. Click on ACCESS HACK TOOL to begin
  2. Select platform android/iOS
  3. Enter username/email
  4. Select number of gems
  5. Proceed to last stage

Our Hack Tool is simple and easy to use because it has a user friendly interface! Just connect and hack! You don’t have to worry, you can’t be banned!

We tested the hack for several days on different devices and they’re still up and running!

Our programmers are checking and updating the hack daily so that you can be sure that you have the latest and working version of it!

Castle Clash Review

Build & battle your way to glory in Castle Clash! The heat is on in the most addictive combat strategy game ever!

Hire legions of powerful Heroes in your quest to become the world’s greatest Warlord. In a brilliant mix of fast-paced strategy and combat, Castle Clash is a game of epic proportions!

Create an army loaded with Elves, Dwarves, Beasts, Robots, and more. Your empire is as strong as your creativity!

Castle Clash Game Features:

Build and upgrade your impenetrable fortress!
Simple & easy touch-based controls!
Create the ultimate army from a dozen wild troops!
Fast-paced, thrilling, and realistic battles!
Pit your Heroes against other Players in the Arena!
Tap and swipe to cast powerful spells!
Glorious artwork lights up the screen!
Free-to-play fantasy strategy.

Castle Clash Hack

The Castle Clash Hack was developed by our in house team of experienced gamer’s and software developers. The Castle Clash Hack can only give you unlimited Gold and Gems but not Mana. Any hacks which claim to provide unlimited Mana are actually fake generators. The only Castle Clash Hack which is really possible is unlimited Gems and Gold.

The reason is that those who developed Castle Clash have created a patch, which disallows any hacking of Mana. But the Gold and Gems have still not been patched so the Castle Clash Hack is still possible.

In order for the Hack to be successful it is really important that the correct information is entered, especially the username. Sometimes the Castle Clash Hack generator suspects that bots are trying to cheat the server hence requires further checks. The full process must be thoroughly followed in order for the Castle Clash Hack to be successful.

Best Legendary Heroes In Castle Clash

Pumpkin Duke

Let’s celebrate! With this guy on your side, you will be unstoppable! He increases your allies’ damage, movement and attack speed! It would have been nice if he was a ranged attacker, so he will be safe from incoming attacks and keep buffing up your units, but sadly, he is a melee close -ranged attacker.

The Pumpkin Duke, if got lucky in the beginning of the game, can be too op. The Pumpkin Duke increases damage, movement, and attack speed. They are too OP with cupids too. The cupid increases use of special ability, which then makes the pumpkin duke, attck and run better and better, until at an unstoppable level.


He’s just the best hero ever. He can heal 10 nearby allies in max ability level and increase their attack with 32% for 5 seconds! His range and high attack/ hp makes him unstoppable!

Druid is the one character you can not live without, heals and buffs. most versatile in raids, boss challenges as well as arena. An absolute must have, it is a shame it is given to you now after logging in for 30 days

Spirit Mage

He’s me personal favorite hero. he does insane damage and if you put him with war god and life drain crest he becomes a self healing damage dealer that can do insane damage to random targets around the map. although hard to get he is worth it in the long run,

Vlad Dracula

A 5/5 life drain dracula with revive crest and 9/9 skill can deal enormous amounts of damage and survive long that doesn’t require druid to heal it or any other damage dealer. What it needs is a pumpkin duke to further strengthen its damage and increase its speed.

He’s the most destructive sole hero in the whole game because his skill “blood banquet” can hit air and ground units and even annihilate any hero except orksbane when fighting but he has to be on the same star level or the same level as the opponent.


Combined with Pumpkin Duke in the arena battles, this hero makes your team much stronger. It is also a flying unit and has ranged attacks.

He is great I rolled 2500 gems got from maintenance break but got only death knight then I have done discover the chest event take name of god and clicked on one chest it opened and was written you have got legendary hero cupid.