God of War PS4 Review 2018

Welcome to my God of War PS4 Review 2018. You’ll be disappointed if you stop at the first paragraph because there is a twist in my analysis.

God of War 2005

Now in 2005 the first god of war game was released and after all its success it instantly turns into a stable franchise for PlayStation. With several more main line installments and prequels in the PSP the series had many fans hooked with its satisfying combat in the awesome Greek mythology.

But despite their quality as time passed and these games kept following each other up. One thing became abundantly clear, generally they were very much the same games. It’s been a rough time for Sony Santa Monica. The studio had its major new IP canceled in 2014 and the most recent God of War ascension was received with mixed reviews.

The series had reached a climax leaving the studio to make a hard decision. But it was the only choice the franchise needed, a fundamental shift. So let’s begin with my God of War PS4 Review 2018…

Kratos – The Ghost of Sparta

God of War PlayStation 4 boldly throws away all the conventions that we’ve known. Leaving only the story of Kratos at its core. A new setting called Matt and even camera angles.

The list of changes seemed daunting at first. But having played the game now for a couple of weeks, I’m incredibly happy to say in my God of War PS4 Review 2018, that this game is EPIC!

After killing all the Gods of Olympus, Kratos left Greece and traveled to the North realms. He starts a new family and has a son called Atreus. God of War picks up many years later at another emotional low point for Kratos.

His wife has passed away and a final wish was for ashes to be scattered at the highest mountain peak. This is the starting point for what will be a long challenging, but amazing journey. The main characters thought-out
unprepared. Kratos feels not only he himself, but especially his son are just not ready for this. Yet you can feel his struggle to become a better person, leaving his days of pure anger in the past.

He now tries to place himself in other people’s shoes to understand their motivation and that’s something we wouldn’t see before.

Kratos Son Atreus

Atreus is quite the opposite, he’s young inexperienced and so he doesn’t quite know how to act in certain
situations. Yet over the course of the game the bond between the two develops organically. Obviously I can’t give anything away but the story in this game is great.

Storyline of God of War

The opening hour is emotional, epic and in-your-face. Immediately setting the tone for what this game is trying to achieve. The few hours that follow may feel a little slow in comparison. But the pace eventually picks up and once it gets going I had that feeling that I just couldn’t stop anymore. It’s one massive roller coaster ride.

And if you’re a newcomer to the series you can fully enjoy without the need to have played the other games. For a long time fan though, there are plenty of moments that will make you very happy and filled with nostalgia.

Now you won’t meet a whole lot of characters along the way. But it allowed for those who do encounter to get plenty of screen time and the result is that they are all fantastic additions with their own character development. From the dwarf called Sindri, the merchant brawls with a broken relationship who you keep bumping into.

The witch in the woods with their own reasons to help you out. There is a particular person you’ll meet halfway
through who is not only awesome and hilarious but has a huge impact on the rest of the game.

Finally there’s the way the story is told. You’ve likely heard about the fact that this game has no camera cuts and therefore constantly follows you around. It’s not as big of a deal as I’d hoped due to the interruptions of the menu screens or when you die. This brings the effect down a little bit, but overall the direction of the cut scenes combined with how they blend into the game. So in my God of War PS4 Review 2018, it deserves all the praise.

God of War Graphics for PS4

Graphically, God of War’s is up there with the best looking games on the PS4 not only in 2018 but overall. Actually if there’s one thing I had to mention that impressed me the most. It’s the sheer amounts of not only insanely gorgeous but expansive areas.

I can’t even imagine the effort that must have gone into it. Realizing this as I write my God of War PS4 Review 2018, the game also has a beautiful orchestral soundtrack that accompanies every fight or emotional scene. I was surprised as well with how polished the entire package was.

Sure there were minor clipping issues with your equipment and armor. Some lines would be repeated to the point where you started noticing it and I heard creators shout commands even though I just saw him drop that to the ground after failing to win a fight.

Although there were no major bugs that truly affected my experience. While the game plays in 30 fps on the regular PlayStation 4. Owners of a PS4 Pro have the choice between a higher resolution or performance mode. The latter of these is particularly interesting as it boosts the frame rate as much as it can.

For each scenario, it’s therefore easy to notice differences when travelling between the smaller and bigger spaces. But in most occasions it offers a significantly smoother experience. Sure the game plays just fine on the original models but once I went back from performance mode to try out the lower frame rate option I just
couldn’t do it anymore.

God of War Game Play PS4

God of War 2018 can be added to the list of games that will make PS4 Pro owners happy to have upgraded and we all know that list isn’t a large one. But if there’s one area where most of the changes have taken place it’s obviously the game play. This has had many fans worried as the previous games were known to have incredibly satisfying combat.

Already I was one of those and even though I personally felt ready for something else I just didn’t know if I’d end up liking the changes as much. Fortunately all those doubts were for nothing because it’s honestly even
better. I usually appreciate a game more when I have to do an in depth analysis, like this God of War PS4 Review 2018.

Combat with the axe feels amazing, using these shoulder buttons you can hack and slash into enemies with it. Throw and recall it at any time or switch to your fists. For certain types of folks who are resistant to it; cleverly rolling away or using your shield to counter keeps momentum going, which will eventually lead to a brutal
execution move. And don’t worry this game is every bit as brutal as the original ones but the axe isn’t just a weapon. It’s also a tool you use to solve environmental puzzles.

Whether it is to keep gates up using it’s freezing abilities or to destroy hidden seals for the optional chests which will grant you a bigger health and rage bond. There are more puzzles overall than before which
means they are generally shorter.

So the pacing doesn’t get dragged down as you travel through the world you’ll quickly find certain doors that are locked or chests covered in thorn bushes.

In later parts of the game you’ll learn several new abilities that will make you one to backtrack to reach those areas you couldn’t get to before. Then there’s the character customization which is huge. You can craft new armor which will change the looks of both Kratos and Atreus, upgrade your weapons, apply runes to boost your stats and unlock new skill levels. It goes on and on!!!

In the beginning it was almost overwhelming how many options were available in God of War PS4. But as you’ll get more familiar with the system’s, eventually you’ll become an expert.

However not every attack seems as useful in direct combat. But fortunately you get to choose the style of playing you prefer. The comment system will start out basic and needs to grow on you. Though in the first few hours you’ll have barely any moves unlocked and the enemies are pretty standard.

Once you get used to the controls, start unlocking new skills and the game really takes off. Trust me you
won’t want that any other way. Now the game itself is very linear. That’s great because it allows for the story to be told very naturally to surprise you with new and awesome locations.From the beginning to the end.

That being said, a few hours and it will somewhat open up and reveal that there is more to do than just the main quest. The entire world is connected. The map shows the complete path you’ve taken. So far there is a hub like area at the center surrounded by water from here you can freely travel to parts of the world to either continue the story of War of Gods 2018 or wander off and do side quests or find optional collectibles.

You get to these places with your boat but the amount of traveling you do is not nearly as much as I was afraid of before. It also allows for some down time giving Kratos and Atreus plenty of time to discuss the journey so far and share some insight about the lore of the world.

Once you get to any place of significance there are portals that allow you to quickly fast travel to areas you’ve already been to before.

After spending a little less than 20 hours I managed to beat the main story and I did so the day after receiving the game. Hence why I’m writing my God of War PS4 Review 2018.

You might imagine I was simply hooked I did all of this only normal so-called balanced difficulty mode while I generally found the game to be very doable with this setting. Some of the optional content afterwards can give you a noticeably hard time. Now the game allows you to switch difficulty settings at any point you like and no trophies or in-game rewards are tied to it.

But there is a so called give me God of War difficulty setting that prevents you from switching. But that’s only if you’re ready to throw your controller against the wall. Even after I was done with the main story with around 25% overall completion displayed on the map. There was so much more to do. The side quests called
favours aren’t just typical fetch activities. They come with their own separate areas that you won’t get to see, if you only play the main story and will even contain a cut scene here and there. I tried all these methods just so I could later write it in my God of War PS4 Review 2018.

Sure I didn’t enjoy doing them as much as the main story but by completing one in between here and there it’s a cool way to increase your game time. There are optional Valkyrie bosses who can be extremely difficult and will have their own patterns of attacks that you need to learn.

Making them straight-up play out like Dark Souls boss fights. That being said, I also found that to be some real
issues with the site content. The tracker can sometimes be a little buggy and send you in the wrong directions. Some activities cannot even be tracked or give you any hints whatsoever. Leaving you completely clueless as to where to look for that one final object to complete a quest.

It’s also unclear how to obtain certain resources to max out your stats and the game in general leaves you pretty confused about what to do next after beating the main story itself. Despite those complaints I had a
blast the entire way through and best of all the game play never felt repetitive.

To me all I can think of right now, while writing my God of War PS4 Review 2018, is that I want to play more of the game. Simply everything that I wanted it to be with each change that seemed too drastic that felt like it could bring the game down it honestly only proved to be for the better.

Sony Santa Monica had always been a very talented studio. But for a long time was just not talked about anymore. With this game they’ve managed to show us that they’re back and better than ever before.

Claiming a spot right at the top with the highest level. The developers of God of War PS4 will be remembered not only as the rethought that blew new life into a series that was on the brink of becoming stagnant.  But genuinely as one of the games that defines this generation.

Thanks for reading my God of War PS4 Review 2018. I hope you found it valuable!