How To Play Fortnite Battle Royale Better

OK, I get it. All your friends are talking about their game play and you want to learn how to play Fortnite Battle Royale better than them. Here are the most common mistakes I see new players make as well as some other tips to get you a win.

Tip 1 – Building In Fortnite Battle Royale

The first mistake new players do is they don’t build correctly or even build at all. If you are coming over from other battle royale games, you’re used to just looting, finding some objects to take cover behind and just fighting it out to the end. In Fortnite you’ll want to build your own objects and throw them quickly. The faster you get at queuing up and placing objects such as walls and stairs the quicker you will learn how to play Fortnite Battle Royale better. Possibly leading to an overall match win.

It doesn’t even have to be a massive base in the sky like you see others do on streams and YouTube videos. Something as simple as a wall with stairs can protect you and cover you for long enough to get a few shots off. Shots come in from behind you or to the side of you as well just drop another wall down and heal up if you feel you have the time.

At the very least a quick wall or two can buy you some time to come up with an escape or attack plan. Keep in mind that objects in the process of being built will always be more susceptible to being destroyed as they take extra damage from incoming fire. Dropping wall after wall and burning through your resources in battle is still always a better option than dying. When you master building you will be on your way to learn how to play Fortnite Battle Royale better.

If I get caught under attack in an open field you’ll often see me backpedaling while jumping around placing wall after wall. Until I feel I am safe enough to heal, escape or to put some stairs down and start returning fire. Get those walls stairs and even the roof on a hotkey unless you feel the default F keys are working for you.

Many players will even use the buttons on their Mouse so they can defend themselves in an instant. So improve those building skills as soon as possible and you will find yourself winning more single battles

Tip 2 – Fortnite Battle Royale Looting

The second mistake I see new players make is slow or poor looting. You gotta loot to learn how to play Fortnite Battle Royale better!

There will be battles decided on how fast you can loot at the beginning of the game. Here’s what you need to know; first you might have already figured out the ascending order of quality of guns:

1. White (Worst)
2. Green
3. Blue
4. Purple
5. Orange (Best)

The greater qualities do more damage, the recoil and even bullet spread of shotguns are closer together. So your first goal when looting is to find those higher quality guns as soon as possible to try to win the early battles.

This might mean gliding over a few rooftops on your way down into a city and doing some quick sightings through windows. Look for that color for glow and don’t be fooled by the light blue glow of a trap.

When you find loot there are two ways to pick it up; you can press E if it’s a larger object or just run over it with your character if it’s ammo or resources.

That’s basic, you probably already know it but the tip here is that if you want to avoid picking up lesser or weaker weapons on the ground, switch to your pickaxes being eat a loot.

You won’t accidentally exchange guns. Sure this might only save a second or two here or there. But those seconds can add up when getting a jump on an enemy or running in from the storm.

A quick side tip for you guys who want to learn how to play Fortnite Battle Royale better: if you see a gun on the ground with no ammo a player has been there and has taken the ammo so keep an eye out.

The gold chests are your best bet for early survival. They will always drop a gun so aiming for these chests when possible is key. If you can’t see the gold chest, you might hear them in that case. Start knocking down some walls and making your way to the chest.

Just be sure not to destroy the floor under the chest as it will take the chest with it. It will also drop ammo which is precious in Fortnite and possibly some medical gear. If you can land in a spot with two or three gold chests you might find yourself looted for endgame, even five minutes into the match.

Don’t expect only big cities to have gold chests either, there are gold chests scattered around the entire map. Sometimes just sitting in the middle of wooded areas or on top of hills.

It is not like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, in the sense that if you don’t drop in a big city you won’t get the best loot.

Tip 3 – Fortnite Battle Pass Landing Spots

A mistake that new players make is only landing in major cities. Just because it has a name on it on the map doesn’t make it any better than around the rest of the map.

The map looks big but is actually easy to traverse and doesn’t mean that you’ll be stranded, if you’re outside of a major location. In fact the minor locations and sometimes just being plain out in the middle of nowhere can offer you just as much loot. You often won’t even need to battle it out for it.

When I dropped two random houses and hilltops outside of towns. I find that half or more of the entire match population is dead. By the time I even need to move for the second circle there are even single or double houses with multiple gold chests around.

You might find you eluded just from a house or two and can spend some time collecting resources by bashing the building into pieces preparing for that endgame. As always, keep an eye on enemies dropping nearby and use those improved looting skills to clear a chest or two quickly. Then wait for them to make a mistake like getting caught in an open field.

You can use crouch sneak to the edge of the building, let them finish clearing their entire house and just finish them off securing all the loot for yourself.

Keep this strategy in mind if you want to learn how to play Fortnite Battle Royale better and beat your friends!

Tip 4 – Sound Effects In Fortnite

The fourth mistake that new and even advanced players make is under estimating the importance of sound in
Fortnite. Throw on a pair of headphones for added benefit of course. I reckon that  If somebody is near you, you know it and you know exactly where they’re coming from. If you’re paying close enough attention to footsteps. Appreciate the Greens battles from the very beginning to the very end of the match.

What separates Fortnite sounds from other games though is the destructible environment. When you break something down it is loud and it can be heard from quite far away. Many new players forget this as they are breaking through walls and chopping down trees or busting up cars.

Fortnite Battle Royale PS4 Advanced Tips

Not only can they be heard easily but they can’t hear enemy’s footsteps. Be smart when destroying objects for
resources and consider if the noise made is worth as four gunshots. There are currently no silenced weapons inf Fortnite this means that every bullet shot is a clue for you or an enemy where somebody is.

You might have a clear shot on someone and get the kill pretty easily. But just remember that any enemy around you knows exactly where you are. There are many times I have let enemies go for two important reasons:

1. I don’t have a clear shot and I won’t be able to kill them for sure from my angular distance
2. That just isn’t worth making the noise

It’s your game and I’m not going to tell you what to do but my suggestion is that if you want to learn how to play Fortnite Battle Royale better.

Tip 5 – Battles In Fortnite

Back when I played League of Legends I would watch the best players in the world, the Koreans of course. And I would admire how aggressive they would be. As I improved and grew as a player myself I realized that there wasn’t really aggression.

What I was calling aggression, was just them simply knowing when they can win in a fight. They would only
engage in battles that they had the upper hand on. Based on positioning or teamwork or just overall general skill.

Only engage in battles in Fortnite that you know you can win!

So, if I’m out in the middle of a field with say a bolt-action sniper rifle, which is arguably the best gun in the
game. And I see an enemy, I have two options; engage or don’t engage. So what goes through my head is am I good enough to drop the enemy from my location? What if I hit him once will he just like build a wall?

He’ll now have a clear shot at my location after building up in seconds. Does he have a teammate with a better angle on me than I have on this enemy? What if he does have a teammate and I am able to knock any one
out in a single shot? Do I even have the means to quickly get to him and kill him?

With the ultimate goal of the game being to survive, is that shot the best choice for me to make giving up my position? Using ammo, taking return fire and possibly using my medical gear. All because I had a small chance that I might be able to hit someone.

There will be many times you see somebody far ahead of you making their way to the circle. With no idea you were there, you can take some potshots at them. And pray you hit them or just bide your time and get a perfect position to win the battle.

Now like I said this is my suggestion if you want to learn how to play Fortnite Battle Royale better!!!