The Walking Dead Our World Hack

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For those of you who have not played the game yet here is our The Walking Dead Our World Review.

TWD Our World First Impressions

The Walking Dead Our World is an AR game in the same vein as Pokemon Go and the more recent Jurassic World Alive.

Now if you missed that whole Pokemon Go craze allow me to kind of explain what TWD Our World is. Basically this is an excuse to walk around your town or your city, burn some calories and get your steps in.

The game is GPS enabled, so as you walk around your town you will encounter zombies. You kill those zombies and they drop loot.

You also rescue survivors and then you’ll use those types of resources to build on your own safe houses. You can unlock your favourite characters from the show and all kinds of cool stuff.

Like I said, this is just kind of an excuse to get outside move around, burn some pounds for the summer and be social. Because a lot of this game does have a lot of social aspects but let me kind of just get started with the zombie slaying.

Since this is an AR game, GPS is very important, so zombies near me I can’t get to unless I literally walk outside and get closer to them.

But infestations are a little bit different so I can actually do this from the comfort of my apartment right here.

So as opposed to like throwing Pokeballs at people or to use drones to shoot dinosaurs, you’re basically killing zombies.

Head shots are very important, so basically you tap on the screen to shoot, get your headshots in, kill everybody and that’s how you clear the stage.

The Walking Dead Our World has a store where you can make in-app purchases to help you along your way. That’s nothing new, that’s with most games that are out there.

Hence why The Walking Dead Our World Hack comes pretty handy. As you can get unlimited gold to make purchases.


So the main focus of this game is to get cards, whether they’re heroes, whether they’re weapons or whether they’re perks.

So first up is perks, they help your overall gameplay whether it be energy coins or gold. Each card does a different thing, some increase first aid kits and grenades.

Next is weapons, these are what you use to obviously shoot the zombies and defeat hordes and stuff like that. Heroes are basically like another you, they attack the zombies and help you along the way.

You can power them out and some cost 400. It depends whether they’re epic or common or you know what tier basically they are.


So, as you can see that playing this game can actually cost a lot of money hence you need to use cheats for TWD to get a head start.

How To Get Coins in The Walking Dead Our World

The walking dead our world seems to be at least for me one of the most scarce resources I can find. So there’s a few different ways to get coins in the game.

The first is going to be supply drops. We’ll see okay I got grenades that time there is a chance of getting coins from that. It seems fairly low compared to the other ones. Most of the time I seem to get energy from that.

The next way to get it is from an infestation. Actually that will cover this first you can get it from the rewards for the different missions. Unfortunately to do Raiders I have to be level 6 so kind of weird that I got that one.