Tom Clancy’s The Division – 5 Awesome Tips

Hey Gold Flyer’s and today we’re going to be going over my top 5 of my Tom Clancy The Division Tips. These are all techniques that I personally use to have a better time in the dark zone to increase my survivability to get more loot and to just overall have a better dark zone experience.

And that’s why I’m sharing them with you guys today. Now these aren’t necessarily ranked in a specific order.

1. Increase Scavenger Statistic

Now this tip is simply to increase your characters scavenger stat. If I go into my character menu and look at his attributes and I scroll all the way down it’s going to show my scavenger stat. And you can see that when I go over this stat it says that the higher scavenging you have the better chance you have to find better loot and obviously since going into the dark zone one of the main objectives for most players is to find high end gear.


You definitely want to invest in this scavenger stat now although we don’t have any specific numbers. For example increasing your scavenger stat by 50% is going to yield 20% better high end drops.

To increase your scavenger stat you can do that with armour. Try to get armour that has those boosts to scavenger and remember that some performance mods actually do come with a scavenger increase.

2. Don’t Just Focus On Your Primary DPS

Now the reason I’m saying this is because I see so many people going on about how amazing their Primary DPS is and they include this in their Tom Clancy The Division Tips and Hacks Guides. But, the simple fact of the matter is that you’re going to do a lot for your character’s survivability if you don’t solely focus on your Primary DPS.

Don’t solely look for stuff that increases your firearms rating for your character, look for stuff that increases your skill, power and stamina.

Therefore health as well now because of personal experience one of my  squad members I play with all the time is constantly going on about how amazing his primary DPS, was he was saying “wow  I’ve got you know my mp7 up to  120,000 DPS”. Which was absurd and that was more than what I was doing at the time. Turns out he was sacrificing everything to get this stat.

Eventually after redoing his character he went from only 30,000 to 60,000 health and he said to me that it changed everything. Although he did give up a good portion of his Primary DPS, which he initially was very proud of having. He said it was just an entirely different experience in the dark zone, he was dying so much less and it just helped him out a ton.

BTW make sure you bookmark my Tom Clancy The Division Tips guide because I will be updating it with more cool stuff.

3. Use Two Different Primary Weapons

So let’s move on to hack number three for our Tom Clancy The Division Tips; use two different primary weapons when you’re running the dark zone. Now what do I mean by primary weapons? Well I mean weapons like light machine guns, submachine guns and assault rifles. For me what I run in the dark zone is I have a basically God role RPK light machine gun I run that and I also have a really  good roll on my amazing vector 45 ACP  submachine gun. So I run a light machine but again you could substitute one of those for an assault rifle

I would not recommend running a shotgun or marksman’s rifle. Now hold on….because I know some  people are scrolling down to the  comments section right now to tell me that I’m completely wrong and that they have an amazing shotgun. Well those of you doing that you’re not necessarily wrong but here’s why I’m suggesting doing this. The reason is simply because of ammo concerns. Now personally I have a high end vest for my character that has a bonus of 47% extra spare ammunition. So I have a substantial ammunition bonus and I’m still really concerned about running out of ammo in the dark zone.

When you’re in the dark zone, at least when I am in the dark zone my main focus is just farming bosses because I’m at level 30

I’m at that max  level cap so I’m looking for loot I’m just farming bosses for those high-end drops and as such I want to spend most of my time killing bosses.

Taking time to go to a safe house or a checkpoint every few minutes to have to restock is a colossal waste of time and additionally diverting from your path.

Now to avoid this again I run two primary weapons and the reason being is because if I’m using my vector I can use just that gun in much every scenario in every encounter by itself. And then when that runs out of ammo I can switch to my RPK again. Now when that runs out of ammo I will have hopefully collected enough ammo off the people I’ve killed to refill my vector.

4. Don’t Go Rogue

Don’t go rogue, now the reason for this is that there simply isn’t enough reward involved for the substantial risk that comes with going rogue on purpose in the dark zone. In fact one of the main topics of discussion on Tom Clancy The Division Tips and Cheats Subreddit is basically talking about how to make going rogue easier. Because right now so many players feel that it’s simply not worth it. I’m one of those players as well. If your squad purposely kills another agent in the dark zone, every other player in that dark zone is going to be notified that you went rogue. At which point you’re going to have to survive for 90 seconds.

And that 90 seconds is probably going to be extended because any players who get in your way and try to kill you resulting in their death. Then your rogue timer is going to go up even further. So enjoy having several minutes on the run. Oh and by the way, while you’re on the run every time you shoot your gun you’re going to appear again on the radar.

So everyone is updated with your position. Even if you don’t shoot your gun you’re still going to be pinged on the map and people can track you down with extreme ease.

Now of course, the reward for doing all of this hypothetically is that you kill a player. And guess what, he drops three high-end items and you take those high-end items. You survive the rogue timer and you get them for yourself but this is extremely unlikely.

A little bonus for you gamer’s, keep an eye on Tom Clancy The Division Tips subreddit because it is always updating with new hacks.

5. Final From My Tom Clancy The Division Tips Collection


My final hack for this awesome Tom Clancy The Division Tips guide is to use game chat and the simple reason being is because when you’re in game chat it is automatically programmed into every other player’s settings. They will have proximity chat turned on which means that as long as you’re talking in game chat any other player will  be able to hear you talking through  their TV.

Now why is this useful, well let’s go over a scenario that happened to me a while ago. My squad of three were simply killing a boss in the dark zone and there was another squad of three nearby.

They were just kind of doing their own thing, they had been the closest for a while and they weren’t posing us any threat. We began working together; both squads had done some damage to this boss so loot was going to drop for everyone.

Then the loot dropped from the boss and I saw a glorious orange pillar ascending to the sky. I had got a high-end item now.

Bonus Tip – Update to 1.8

The largest ever free update of Tom Clancy’s The Division has finally been released. In this update the Rikers, cleaners and LMB have all joined forces in a bid to wipe you out. 1.8 unlocks a huge new area the Westside pier. Explore this new map extension that includes camp Clinton. A new operations base for all agents resistance is a new mode within the West Side Pier area work.

Play The Division with a Free Trial

With your team against waves of enemies that becomes stronger and more numerous. As you advance defeating these waves, it rewards you with resources opening up new areas and setting up powerful defences. Don’t forget cooperation is key if you want to succeed.

As well as the resistance mode they’ve added skirmish. Put your team in a 4×4, pure PvP deathmatch against rival rogue teams. For high-end rewards the first team to reach 20 kills wins the match.

New challenges need new weapons; in 1.8 they’ve introduced exotic new guns to give you new options for your arsenal. 1.8 introduces new engagement rules. In the dark zone  1.8 also brings changes to underground  mode we’ve added checkpoints as well as  hunter enemy types to make the sessions  more challenging  with all this free content we won’t be  long before you’re exploring the 1.8  Update